Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) are a degree course of 3 years and are specific to those who intend to continue as an IT professional. BCA provides an in-depth knowledge of computer applications, the programming languages like C++ and JAVA. In this degree, the students learn ‘what? And How?’ about the technology.

With a roar in the IT industry around the globe, the practical application of graduates knowledge is endless. In this course, students are taught to develop websites, software, and their applications in the software world. With the understanding of networking, Database management, Advanced C+ and worldwide-web, the graduates are good to work in the software field they desire.


Roles of a BCA graduate


With the vast application of the acquired knowledge, BCA graduates can acquire various job profiles, and their roles would include –

  • Testing and evaluating the software systems as system engineers
  • With the knowledge of core and advanced programming languages, they can be a full-fledged programmer and write codes to achieve the desired output.
  • Maintenance and upgrading the websites on the world wide web. With the knowledge of HTML, Phyton, List, etc., one can create and build a website and applications.
  • Administering Systems, maintaining and evaluating their networking in large scale institutes, offices and schools.
  • Developing software for both, backend and frontend of a website and software to ensure smoother management.

BCA admissions in Bangalore are mostly open from June to August. However, the admission dates may vary from college to college.


Few of the BCA colleges in Karnataka are-

  1. Christ University, Bangalore
  2. Presidency University, Bangalore
  3. Jain College, Bangalore
  4. CMR University, Bangalore
  5. REVA University
  6. Krupanidhi
  7. St.Claret college
  8. St.Joseph college