If you are one among those who is well versed in medicines and very much interested in the medical field, then this 4-year course will be your doorway to pursue the career. In this course, a student learns from the start of manufacturing of medicines to evacuating off them in various medical departments stores and distributors. The admissions take place in both ways, either from entrance exam performance or on a merit basis. The core subjects include Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, physiology, computer application dealing with pharmacy and much more about medicines and their name and pronunciation and other factors of medicines. Pharmaceuticals being one of the booming and stable industries require systematic production and execution. By pursuing this course, the graduate will be able to develop their career in medicals research and even teaching. If you want to work within other hospitals and medical centers, then this course is your best choice. The greatest advantages of pursuing this course are that you can get jobs in government sectors, be able to work with patients, will be able have a stable and fixed career that is easily flexible and much more than you think.

B pharm colleges in Bangalore
Krupanidhi college of pharmacy
St. Johns Pharmacy College
Pes University
MS Ramaiha college
The Oxford College of Pharmacy
Vivekananda College of Pharmacy
Al- Ameen College of Pharmacy
East Point College of Pharmacy

Job Opportunities
Medical Writer
Pharmacy Business
Drug Inspector
Medical Representative

Entrance Exam




Clear their higher secondary board with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized institution  Should have a science background, with subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics. Various colleges may require entrance exam marks or can be selected on a merit basis.