Automobile engineering is an engineering stream that that is concerned with designing, production, maintaining and management of the automotive and motors. With a rise in the transport and automobile industry, Automobile engineers are on their feet to create, deliver and design efficient working mechanism. Automobile engineers are also acquainted with the knowledge of vehicle engineering, this is implied in all locomotives including cars, bikes, trucks, etc.


Roles of an automobile engineer


An automobile engineer is responsible for creating creativity and upgrade the existing automotive to perform better. The process of creating an automobile is vast and includes numerous process, thus automobile engineers can choose and specialise and be a part of the desired process.

Few of the roles of automobile engineers are –

  • Since the engineers are fluent in designing software such as CAD, CAM, EPR, they can choose to be a part of the designing process and work on an automotive at an initial stage.
  • With rising alternatives for every kind of automotive, automobile engineers are required to work on modification and improvement of the vehicles.
  • Testing and quality check is an integral part of the production, as it important for engineers to approve the model before it hits the road.
  • Maintainance and repair engineers are highly required by both, government and private companies to keep up the vehicle quality.
  • They are responsible for developing and creating solutions to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Having stated the responsibilities, it is obvious that there is a great demand for automobile engineers around the globe.