Ever since the onset of the worldwide industrial revolution, Mechanical engineers have played a vital role to make the industrial dream a reality. Mechanical engineering is a branch that deals with the science of manufacturing and production of goods. Mechanical engineering about the applying and executing the theoretical concepts, right from the beginning of production of the goods.

This branch of engineering fundamentally deals with the practical application of the theories to ensure the development of efficient products. Innovation and practicality along with in-depth material knowledge is the core vision of this engineering discipline.

Mechanical engineering is a versatile field with a broad demand.

Mechanical engineering plays an essential role in finding an efficient solution to the challenges faced by manufacturers and industries. Industries such as healthcare, transport, space exploration, climate change, etc are in constant need of an upgraded and sustainable solution; mechanical engineering is about predicting, and finding a solution to such challenges to ensure a safe future to the industry.

From working on engines and satellite to screws and switches, Mechanical engineering works on both, micro and macro level. Anything that needs production and needs to be manufactured, knowledge of mechanical engineering is a must.

To summarise, mechanical engineering is the art of combining theoretical, practical and analytical knowledge to develop efficient products.