Mechatronics engineering is one of the versatile courses and integration of computer application, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, system engineering, and telecommunication. Since it covers a large range of concerns, its application is numerous. Mechatronics engineers work from the concept development of a project until the completion of the project.

Mechatronics emphasis on developments of the working modules of a product, transmitters, sensors, controllers and actuation. On completion of the degree, the engineers can work with companies in the field of transport, telecommunication, visual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and various such companies.


Roles of a Mechatronic Engineer


While Mechatronic engineer can work within the range of specific field of interest, while they can also choose to work in multi-disciplinary companies. Internet control, system and device, etc. Networking is in huge demand in terms of smart technology development, therefore it is of great importance in developing technologies.


Major roles and responsibilities of a mechatronics engineer include –

  • Problem-solving and technological upgrading is worked upon by a mechatronic engineer.
  • Supervision and quality check of the ongoing and existing products.
  • Research and development of new concepts and application to take the technologies one step further
  • Mechatronic engineers play a major role in the world of robotics and automation. The knowledge of electrical parts, mechanical and automated parts have to be integrated with artificial intelligence for the product to serve its purpose.


Colleges in Bangalore that offer a degree in Mechatronics engineering are –

  1. Acharya Institute of Technology
  2. Presidency University
  3. Jain University
  4. AMC Engineering College
  5. Reva Engineering college