MSc Computer Science


MSc Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc CS) is a 2 year masters course that can be done on completion of BSc CS or any equivalent course. With the rise in technological and digital industries, the demand for IT and CS professionals is at its peak. On completion of MSc CS, one specialises in the field of computer science and have detailed knowledge of the technicalities.

A student can choose to simultaneously work on current research and live projects and development happening in the IT industry. These projects not only expands the knowledge and curriculum but also provides a thorough experience for the practical application of the knowledge.


Roles of an MSc CS professional


With an acquired specification and knowledge of the concepts, the graduate can work for various MNCs, companies and government departments. Holding a masters degree enable the graduate to work as –

  • Develop and improve the software as a software developer
  • Maintaining and strengthening digital safety as a Security analyst
  • Develop websites and webpages as a Web developer
  • Writing codes and programs as a Programmer
  • Work for maintaining and managing the front and backend of the websites
  • Ensure stable and smooth network connectivity in upscale institutes

Given these roles, The graduates stand a chance to work with companies like Infosys, Accenture, TCS, IBM, and more such well established MNCs.

To apply and pursue this course, one needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in BSc CS or an equivalent course. It is generally preferred by the colleges to have secured a minimum of 50% in the qualifying exam.