All About Arts

Arts can be considered as the love for nature, paintings, animals, birds, weather, colours, mountains, rock, river, and much more. Our imagination is fully about arts. When it comes to studying, art courses come under three main types that involve studying in a wider range, that can be more of theoretical or practical basis, named as follows:


Fine Arts- basically the study that involves the study of cinema, dance, photography, architecture, pottery making, music, interior designing, and so on. It includes visualization of things around you and transforming them into art. The course gives you the flexibility to carry out and practice your artistic disciplines and interests.

Visual Arts- dealing with the study of making a film and visually communicating a concept and idea to the masses. This includes concept animation, painting, printmaking, and much more. If you have creative and artistic tendencies and want to appeal to the masses, then this art is your best choice. 

Performing Arts- dealing with acting, performing music, dance on stage, or performing an act or stand-up comedy, then this form of the art course is your best choice. 


Duration Of the Course


Bachelor’s degree of Arts is of duration 3 years, varies as per the college and the syllabus.


Masters of Arts are of duration is 2 years.


Importance of Arts in Education


Art is something that has to come naturally and can be developed organically. Everyone has artistic tendencies, this depends on an individual whether to make art a passion and turn it into a career. Art is solely about creating and innovating rather than mindless cramming and applied theory. It is a subject that has to be done with creative thinking and thinking out of the box. The main goal of a student, when pursuing The Art Course, is being innovative, more creative in thinking, and has interpersonal skills. The Art course also helps you in exploring one’s tastes in their course decision and understands your greatest interest of the course. 


Other benefits in learning Arts as your subjects:

  • Helps in making you take the correct decision. 
  • Helps in bringing up your self-confidence
  • Becomes more a self-challenging person
  • Becomes self-learners and so on. 


Colleges in Bangalore Offering Arts Courses

  • Christ University
  • Mount Carmel College
  • Presidency College
  • Vogue Institute of Art and Design.