SEA College, Bangalore

BGS Global SJB College, Bangalore

Sambram Institute of Management

SJES College, Bangalore

Koshys College, Bangalore

Kristu Jayanti College

Krupanidhi College of Management studies

St.Claret college

Jain University

Impact College of Management Studies

Hillside College of Management studies

East Point College

East West College

Brindavan College

Acharya Institute of Management Studies

Acharya Bangalore Business School ABBS

Agragami institute of management

Sindhi College of Management Studies

Aditya Institute of Management Studies

Hindustan Academy

Karnataka College of Management studies

RR College

Presidency University, Bangalore

SB College

Spurthy college

Sindhi college

AMC college

Rosy Royal College

Indus Valley college

Silicon City college

Josco Institutions

Christian College

St Benedict College

St.Pauls college

Sreenivasa college, Mangalore

Faran College

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