Bachelor of Science in Information Technology ( BSc IT ) is a 3 year undergraduate program that focuses on imparting the knowledge of database management, information storage and networking, coding, and systematization of the stored data.

On completion of the course, graduates are well equipped with the knowledge of database structuring, communication skills, data analysis, get a stronghold of computational and statistical skills, and also networking and maintenance the information network. The graduates will also have competent knowledge of core coding languages like C, C++ and JAVA.


Why choose the BSc IT undergraduate program?


Doing this course enables the graduate to work and contribute to the developing technologies. With the consistent technological advancement happening, the need for professions to maintain and test the software along with the programs. BSc IT graduates have a major contribution in the field of IT.


Roles of a BSc IT graduate include –

  • Managing and maintaining the database in the large scale setting, such as institutes, offices and banks. Assorting and storing data is important for security and verification purpose.
  • The graduates can work with top companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and help develop and renew the technology.
  • BSc IT graduates are in demand in both, private and government departments to structure and maintain the data and work in digital security departments.

To get going with the course of BSc IT, one needs to have completed 10 + 2 or any equivalent exam from a recognised board. Apart from these, certain colleges may have their own entrance examination tests and rounds of interviews.