What are the major reasons to Study MBA in Bangalore?

If you are the person to study MBA in Bangalore and love to settle your career and life in Bangalore, then it is a good option as many colleges are popular offering MBA. This post-graduation program helps in building the students in getting knowledge of management both in theory-based and practical based methods. You will be also trained to get in the maximum knowledge about the various functioning and trends in management and business that is happening in the market. 
The city of Bangalore has been ranked as the best business place in India. It has been proved according to the research that studying MBA in Bangalore, is the best as it has many colleges offering this course in many specializations, Business schools, and management institutes in the city. There is a name and recognition, of having pursued an MBA course in Bangalore, when you show them while looking for a job. 

A few of the top colleges that offer this management course are Christ College, IIM-Bangalore, Xavier Institute of Management, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and research, etc. 
Some of the top and common specializations in Management that the colleges are offering in Bangalore are financial management, supply chain management, health care management, global business management, and so on. Holding a master’s degree in business management has received great reviews and national and international rankings and has been in the top magazines of the country.  
Wanting to study MBA in Bangalore is much cheaper and cost-effective when compared to other cities in India and the foreign. Even the cost that the student has to bear by themselves are low compared to the others. The stay, food, and hostel facilities are affordable. Being the great IT hub of the country, they have great connections between the top MNCs and colleges all around the globe. There are chances for the students, gaining MBA, of getting placed easily and also with good salary package. Most of the colleges call various experts from around the globe for conducting workshops for the students to make them get insights about cases happening with other colleges.
Now Bangalore city has gained great exposure to IT and non-IT industry that are providing great scope for students at B schools for them to gain knowledge and study business. Many industries that are into business or else are interested in recruiting students from Bangalore as most of the MBA offering colleges have been known for keeping proved records of best quality education and companies are looking for students who are having great management skills and those who are great at management studies. 
It is a known fact that Bangalore is regarded as the home for doing a start-up business in turning to top MNCs around the world. Some of them are Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola cabs, and so on. There are around more than 10,000 start-up companies that are present in Bangalore now.  

Many people or students love to live the lifestyles in Bangalore. The style is easy-going and yet popular happening around the country. Being in Bangalore helps one in improving the communication skills of a person. Students coming from different parts of the world will surely adjust to the circumstances in Bangalore. The food is cosmopolitan and students from every part of the world will enjoy the food in Bangalore. 

As the market in the industry in India is growing rapidly, no one is getting deployed which enables you in giving a sense of security. 
Another great factor in getting yourself enrolled at a popular college in Bangalore is that based on your test performance, achievements, and your international profile, certain business schools will offer you scholarships and the full tuition fees of your course will be sponsored by the institute itself. You just have to relax and enjoy studying your course. 
Many students take it an advantage to study in Bangalore and other parts of India as they are covered with colorful festivals and fantastic foods where the students will enjoy most of the wildlife, temples, and other attraction, when on their mode of study. When you study at the destination that you dreamt of, then you will not have to regret it. 
Hope by reading this, you must have got an idea about the great importance of doing an MBA program in Bangalore and how safe and firm it is with lots of opportunities and offers to be here, as you graduate and get a job here to settle. 

Scope of Aerospace Engineering

If you are the person who wants to work on machines, automobiles, designing buildings, and other structures, then the scope is great in the current times. As engineering is one of the greatest fulfilling and rewarding fields. As technology and development are peaking each day, there is a lot to learn and discover and engineering helps you do that. Pursuing an engineering course is way much popular and has great job opportunities in and around India. In engineering itself, there are many specializations that the student can choose based on their interest and what they really want to be and achieve in their life. Let us look at the scope of Engineering in the different specializations that they choose:
Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering
This is an engineering subject that focuses on aerospace, spacecraft, and space-related topics. It was first called Aeronautical engineering and then being replaced by the name Aerospace engineering. This field of engineering allows you to focus on designing, building, developing, testing major commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft, which you can imagine. It was the Aerospace engineers who first launched the American satellite in January 1958.
You can sectors of Aerospace engineering includes:
Radar Cross Section
Aircraft Structures
Control Engineering
Solid mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Risk and reliability
Noise Control
Flight tests

Material science and so on. 
It is the duty of the aerospace engineer to solve the problems related to aircraft and make sure that meets the needs of the customers. On becoming an aerospace engineer, you will have the opportunity to perform ground and flight testing programs which are done on the prototypes. Also, you will get a chance to review certain reports on the technical side. Most of the above-mentioned sectors are useful in functioning the aerospace vehicle. 
The scope in this field of engineering will be great in the future as students will get great opportunities to work in airlines, the air force, corporate research companies, and much more in the coming future. If any one of you has a dream to fly in a helicopter, then this course will be the best choice to get a chance to study about the helicopter and to learn to fly one. Aerospace engineers with a minimum of 4 to 5 years of experience in the field will earn an average of 84,000 rupees, while the seniors with more than 10 years of experience will get paid a minimum of Rs. 7 lakh on monthly basis. The job opportunities in this field will grow up by 3% from 2019 to 2029. Another great fact about this field is that the demand for well-experienced and efficient Aerospace engineers is going to increase in the coming future. The student will have a bright future both in India and abroad if looking to settle abroad.
The industry of aerospace is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. When we look into the field of travel and space exploration, there are engineers available and higher officials need more engineers with great skills and expertise and those who have great knowledge of the engineering aeronautical subjects. If the student is interested in knowing about the plane and its engines and repairing the parts of an airplane, then this field will give you an opportunity to work under it and helps in getting you to obtain the knowledge in fixing them and improve in developing the safety of the flight, as it is crucial when flying with a large number of passengers. India is one such country that is leading in having the largest number of students taking in the aviation sector as their career and bringing it to the next level. 

Difference between MBA and PGDM

It is always very difficult for the student who has completed their graduation to decide which program they have to move on for higher studies. Here let us move on to the difference between MBA and PGDM as most of you are unaware of their difference and the scope. PGDM means Post Graduation Diploma in Management and MBA is Masters in Business Administration
The common thing between them is that they are both post-graduation courses. Their differences can be explained in different levels:
Diploma Degree- here when talking about MBA and PGDM, they are both different as the former is the master degree course that is lasting for 2 years and the other is the diploma course that is for a short duration, say for 6 months or less. MBA programs are being conducted by universities and colleges whereas, for PG Diplomas, it is being conducted by autonomous colleges that are being recognized by AICTE approved by the Government of India and HRD ministry. It is very important to put your career goal at a recognized university.
Syllabus and Curriculum- The syllabus factor between the two differs. The curriculum of MBA is being decided by the University and is always very pure and rigid. The syllabus changes if two MBA colleges are not under the same university. On the other side, the diploma course syllabus is being decided by the individuals of the University or institute. In this case, there will be great flexibility as per the curriculum. When the industry changes, there will be the same changes in the syllabus and can be changed on yearly basis, depending on the changes of the industry. They are not stagnant all the time and might find it difficult at times to follow. 
The way that the course is being focused- The core subjects of both these programs are common. It is noted that the MBA program is well focussed on the technical and more on the theory that is about the management side rather than adopting the practical version of the study. When it comes to Post Graduation in Diploma Course, they are giving in-depth knowledge about the industry and in being more practical. They are well designed to teach the student the skill of knowing the trends and their changes in the market. It is more helpful for the student to get more practical knowledge and to attain great skill in this aspect. Their practical management skill increases.  

The Expenditure- This is important to know when it comes to differentiating between MBA and PGDM programs. tuition fees for MBA are far less when compared to PGDM. It is so as most of the MBA offering colleges or Universities are being approved by the government. They are rather getting great support from the government and so the expenses increase. In the case of a Diploma, it is the student who has to make the expenses by themselves for the entire course that they are working on. Here the government is not providing any financial help to the college too. Even now, you can find great expense being done in most of the MBA courses offering colleges and universities. 

Various Teaching Methods- The teaching and training methods in PGDM are complex. Whereas in MBA as the syllabus is being ruled by the University, is perfect and smart and does not have difficult ways to understand things. It is focused on how well the students perform and look into the overall personality rather than learning around the book and being a bookworm. 
Entrance Examinations- for PGDM they can attend CAT, MAT, ATMA, AND XAT and also certain state-level examinations. . Whereas for MBA  
 it is the universities for some that decide whether to accept only state-level entrance exams to get a student admitted and some do accept CAT and MAT. 
Difference between them based on Career options
When it comes to attaining higher education, MBA is getting students to earn more value and recognition when compared to that of a diploma. 
MBA gets the marks that are marked under the MBA program and the PGDM program gets the marks that are marked under the diploma, but these marks have certainly no relation to the working success record of students that they have attained in the Universities or institutions. 
In the case of getting a job, there is not much difference between attaining an MBA or PGDM. Now it is not the marks or grades but the talent and the skills immersed in the person. 
As you must have now clearly understood the difference between the two programs, it is up to you to decide by keeping in mind the career objectives and the courses that are being offered. 

Career after Engineering

There are varied options to opt for after completing an engineering course. It is not necessary that you get a job and stick to the engineering discipline after your bachelor. There are various career paths related to engineering as there are opportunities for engineers in other fields too. Since academics is not the prime concern, it is the talent and dedication that take you a long way. Let us go through the career options one can select from, after pursuing engineering:
The career that the student can get if he/she has completed the B.Tech

Mechanical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Lecturer or a Professor
Robotics Engineer
Marine Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
Automobile Engineer
Production Manager

The career option the student can get after pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Software engineer
Voice engineer

The career options student can get after pursuing engineering specialization in Information Technology
Testing Engineer
IT Co-ordinator
Data Security Officer
Database Manager
IT Officer. 

Those who have pursued industrial engineering can get job titles like:
Quality engineer
Process engineer
Operations manager
Industrial engineering Technician
Facilities Engineer

Career options for those after completing Mechanical Engineering:
Process Development Technologists

Those who have completed engineering in Electronics and Communication can look for options in becoming:
Field Technician
Test Technician
Battery Test Technician
Options for those who have completed engineering specializing in Computer Science
Computer Network Engineer
Computer Engineer
Software Engineer

Students who have passed the bachelor in Engineer in Aerospace and want to look for a job can opt for their career in:
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Design Checker
Manufacturing Engineer
Aircraft Production Manager
Design Engineer
Development Engineer

There are many job opportunities for students who have completed their bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and also for those looking to have a career before going for higher studies. They can have the designation as:
Electronics Engineer
Design Release Engineer
Test Engineer
Product Engineer
Network Specialist
System Developer
Electronic Support Engineer
Electrical Manager
Bachelor in Architecture has career options like:
Construction Estimator
Building inspector
Consulting Engineer

The students even have campus selections from their colleges and can choose which company they would like to work for and the kind of experience they want to have. The major top companies that come for recruiting from the college are-
HCL Technologies
TATA Consultancy
Bain and Company
IBM Global Services
Rubrik and Uber
Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Accenture Services
Flipkart and much more

When you are confused on what to do and wish to pursue further education in your field of interest and wish to study further, you can go for higher studies and learn more and then get started with a job with improved knowledge. If one wishes to study abroad, the student can study and work or intern part-time, this is a common practice that helps skill-building and provides financial support. which is common. Having many options to choose from, most graduates get confused about whether to start with a job or expand their knowledge by studying further.

There are varied options of career you can choose from after completion of Masters in engineering:
Automation Engineer
Plant Manager
Director of Hardware Engineer
Product Engineer
Technical Consultant
IT Manager
Economics Consultant
Client Services Analyst
Firmware Engineer
Chemical Process Engineer and so on. 

Engineers are everywhere!! Engineering is one of the most preferred education options amongst Indians. There is a wide range of opportunities for engineers in every field, as the application of engineering is diversified. And upon specializing after your bachelor’s and getting a Master’s degree, the career option just brightens up, with better pay. 

All about BBA in Aviation Course

This course is a program of three years and during these three years, the student will be taught to know about air transportation, accounts and their records, management in the airport, runway management, and so on. If you are a person having great passion and interest in this field and profession, then this bachelor course will be a better option. Here students will get an opportunity to learn about how a team working with and being under them being dealt with and other skills that are required by the aviation sector or the organization that you will be working. 
Now let us move on to the eligibility of students in joining this program:
Other than in the aviation stream, students from any background can apply for this course. Those who have the passion to work towards the aviation field and those who can handle the pressure and risks involved. 
Being bachelors degree, it is important that the students from their higher secondary get a good percentage around an aggregate of 50% and above and that may change depending on the university or college that you are applying for admission process is not the same in every university board

In addition to that students are asked to appear and clear certain entrance exams namely MDUCEE, HPCET, CUCET, etc. 
Major skills required by the students in this field
In certain cases, a student will be motivated when you have the required skills in learning about this course and are willing to work in this industry in the future. The required skills are as follows:
Good communication 
Proper time management
Should have the ability to solve problems quickly and in a smarter way
Much of critical thinking
Great attention to safety
Leadership skills
Great patients to listen to others and know and understand the requirements
Supervisory skills
Syllabus for this Aviation program
The program for this course varied from one college to another. In certain cases, those students interested in Airline management get admitted to one of India’s top colleges. Here are the syllabuses for this course:
Semester 1 includes
Languages are optional and are in two parts, where the first part includes where you can choose from Kannada/Malayalam/Tamil/Marathi/Telugu and so on. There as in part 2 it is English only which is mandatory. 
You have the option to choose subjects like Management process, financial accounting, Mathematics for management 1 and on. 
Foundation course


Semester 2
Same as languages 1 and 2 as that of semester 1
You have the option to choose among Organizational behavior, economics for objectives, mathematics for management, and cost and management accounts. 
Foundation course


Semester 3
Same as languages 1 and 2 as that of semester 1
Optional on subjects- Business Communication, Production and material management, marketing management, Management and information systems, introduction to travel and tourism industry and so on


Semester 4
Same as languages 1 and 2 as that of semester 1
Optional on subjects- HRM, Financial management, principles of airport and airlines management, logistics and cargo management, business law, consumer behavior and so on


Semester 5
Here the core subjects include marketing research, airline Finance, and insurance, Aviation Law and Aircraft Rules and Regulations, Air traffic control, mini projects on Airline operations, etc


Semester 6
Core subjects include Airport strategic planning, airline and airport marketing management, service marketing, customer relationship management, aircraft maintenance management, elective paper in three sections, and so on. 
But for last year, language is not there but have to option to choose English as your language whereas in the other two years you have English.
Scope in Aviation Bachelor Course
During this program, the student will be learning about the expenses, prices being covered, ways on how airline marketing is undergoing, networks in the airline, fleet planning, and much more. This bachelor’s degree will give the students insight into their careers in the aviation field. They are the industry in which the students getting to work in this field gets connected with people all over the world and also in promoting tourism and getting to meet people of different cultures and nature. 
The Post Graduation program in the same field will expand your knowledge and experience on a wider scale. If you wish to go for further studies in Aviation to can take up MBA in aviation. 


Career Opportunities
The major job profile you get after completing the Bachelor’s degree and when you are willing to work:
Airport Manager
Flight Attendant


Top Colleges in Bangalore offering this Course
Sambhram college
Christian college
SEA college
Presidency University
SJES College of Management Studies
Kristu Jayanti College

Career and scope after doing MBA

Business is everywhere and is the best way to be your boss and not to work under anyone. Many students wish to do business and build their career in business and also to know more about it to be a business person in the coming future. There are many specializations in the business field and depending on their interest they can choose which they want to learn and become in the future. The great specialty of this business administration is that they will not only make you focus on getting a career in the business and administration field, but also give you an in-depth knowledge of getting prepared for various management positions and how to build up a start-up company and be your boss. Getting graduated from top business schools gets geared towards real-world professional outcomes. 
This course provides you with a great knowledge of both traditional and nontraditional aspects of business and management. it will give a student a deep look at the ideas that they have to formalize and will teach you to look into them in the right direction. You should be a fast learner and a logical thinker if looking for being in the business field. 
Now let us look into the scope in different specializations in Masters in Business Administration. 
Scope opportunities after pursuing MBA are wide in India and around. It is just that the student has to pick up the right time.
It is right for the student to choose what suits them rather than taking up the job that pays high, which later can make you stress and regretful. 
An MBA graduate will have the ability to network in the best market. 
They have better scope for being innovative in doing creative ideas. 
They will have a better chance to work outside where more exposure is attained and know more about the various market and markets in different regions. 
The most important is that an MBA Student should be very good at communication, should have great proficiency in 2 or more languages, etc. that are necessary to succeed in the management field. 

While knowing the scope involved in pursuing MBA and then taking up a job, certain factors have to be kept in mind. Those include:
If you decide to take up a particular job in an organization or company, you must know beforehand about the nature of the job, their career development, and the plans that are set up for the future of that organization you are working on. By this, the student will know if he has made the right choice or not.
It is not right to take up any job with great pay that comes by way. If that job suits you is far more important. Being very patient in getting the right job, is plays a major role here. This decision will help you in developing the right path to professionalism. It is always also important to know the job profile of the company that you are ready to work for them. 
Another great factor that you have to keep in mind is that if you plan to take up the job at a location that is away from home, make sure you research the cost of living, their stay, and transportation. You must have a detailed difference between the pay that you get and the expenses after reaching there inclusive of travel and stay. 

Also, have to keep in mind knowing the salary package and other benefits, the time of the work on and off and finally about the other opportunities that the employers are offering. 
Now let us move on to the scope of career after pursuing MBA. 
After having pursued a Master in business administration, the student must be familiar with the job that is being offered in and around their home town or abroad, if planning to work abroad. Depending on that you have to choose the right and the best one. There are many opportunities, more than what you can think of, in getting a good job with good pay and also with increment later on.
The job profile includes:
Banking and Finance- here the focus is on portfolio management, system analysis, and security. They have great opportunities in banks, many financial institutions, insurance companies, and so on. The top companies that offer jobs are Barclays, RBS, JP Morgan, and so on. When banks are considered, jobs are sure in either private banks or public banks. 
Management Consulting- In this field, it is important that the student has to be good at problem-solving. The basic responsibility is to solve the major and minor problems in the organization. The ideas that you make have to be a fresh and new way of method solving them. Some of the top companies that hire are Infosys, Cognizant Business Consultant, PeopleStrong, KPMG, and 
Entrepreneurship- this option is considered the most favorite option among MBA graduates and also helps in developing an entrepreneur in them. Here experience is not counted or needed as what is needed is creativity and being innovative which is very much needed in excelling in this field.