Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


When you aim to understand human behaviour, responses and reactions, or have an interest in counselling others, then this is the 3-year course that might help you achieve it.

This course will help you learn the processes and reactions of a human mind and by his behaviour. This in turn helps to understand the social behaviour and constructive thinking of a group/community. You will also learn the effects of human behaviour in different areas like personality, social behaviour, human development, and so on. Learning psychology will help you in helping people dealing with stress, both mentally and physically, also help those undergoing depression, those in complex relations, and counsel them in ways of behaviour and educationally, if they need help in choosing the right subject and career for them. There are a lot of opportunities for psychologists at hospitals, NGOs, etc.


Why is Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology important?.

The subject of Psychology is ranked the fourth among the major subjects used by many people and in many universities in and around India and globally. By pursuing this degree, they offer students not only careers in personality development but also opens up opportunities in a wide range of other sectors. It helps you learn and understand more you than that of others. Deciding on what you want to study and become, helps in coping with the challenges that come your way during work. With this degree, you will be a great help to solving others’ problems about marriage, complex relations, emotions, and so on.


Job Opportunities;

  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Business administration
  • Psychiatry
  • Marketing or advertising manager
  • Top or mid-level management
  • Human Resource manager
  • Counsellor in schools, hospitals, NGOs, etc.


Colleges Offering B.An in Psychology

  • Christ college- deemed university
  • Mount Carmel college
  • Jyoti Nivas Pre- University college
  • Garden city University
  • The Oxford College of Science


Entrance Exams available in India- 

– Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test

– Delhi University Entrance Exam

– English and Foreign Language University Entrance Exam, etc.