It an interesting course who looking for flight related job. There are many colleges available for BE/Btech aeronautical cours in Bangalore, Karnataka.
Aeronautical engineering deals with aspects and mechanics of aerodynamics and the working of an aircraft. Aeronautical engineers develop a stronghold of concepts of physics and develop calculative, observational and analytical skills throughout the course. This course prepares the candidates to supervise, modify, and innovate the existing technical and manufacturing processes.
Throughout the course, candidates go through rigorous theoretical and practical applications. It is aeronautical engineers who study, examine and modify the existing products and processes related to aircraft manufacturing.
What are the roles of aeronautical engineers?
Aeronautical engineers have to be thorough with the theories and their application hence the scope for these graduates is vast. Aviation and aircraft is currently one of the booming industries, thus the need for aeronautical engineers have risen in the fields of manufacturing and aviation. The roles of an aeronautical engineer include –
• Supervision, examining the processes to achieve desirable results.
• Analysing the challenges and problems and come up with a viable and sustainable solution.
• Aeronautical engineers also research and develop navigation equipment and technology to increase efficiency.
• Designing the aircraft and assembling individual parts.
• Checking and imposing safety measure to eliminate any damage or harm to the environment and the users.
• They are responsible for routine maintenance and replacement of faulty parts.

Apart from these, aeronautical engineering is a greatly developing field for a foreseeable future. These engineers are required to work and research and inventing efficient solutions and taking aircraft production to higher grounds. Therefore, aeronautical engineers have a broad scope in government as well as private aviation companies.

Colleges that offer a degree in aeronautical engineering in Bangalore –
1. Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering
2. Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology
3. Acharya Institute of Technology
4. AMC Engineering College
5. MVJ Engineering college
6. ACS college of engineering
7. East WestEngineering college
8. MS Ramaiha university