Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is a 3 year undergraduate degree that emphasises Hospitality Management. To pursue this course, one must have secured at least 50% in 10+2 or equivalent qualifying exam. English is a mandatory subject. Apart from this, there are various entrance exams and private interviews which determine the admission of a student. Also, the candidates must be 18-22 years old to apply to this course.

Some entrance exams like NCHMCT JEE, AIMA UGAT, IIHM eCHAT are some entrance tests accepted in most of the colleges.

The curriculum of the course focuses on improving and developing the interpersonal skills of the students. This development of personality is very important as the Hospitality industry depends on it. The students undergo rigorous training in housekeeping, hotel accounting, staff management, and health and safety maintenance.


What are the roles for BHM graduates?


The hotel and management industry runs on various aspects such as good housekeeping, food and culinary expertise, hospitality and public relations, front office management, food production, accounting, etc. Thus, it is important that all departments work and excel at the same time. A few of the important roles of a BHM graduate are –

  • Managing accommodation operations and providing the best options to meet client demand.
  • Supervising food production, food and beverage operations. Evaluating health and hygiene is a constant duty.
  • Front office management is yet another task that has to be checked regularly
  • In star and reputed hotels, efficient working of staff is very important. Hence it is important to coordinate and manage the staff.
  • Providing exceptional service is the heart of the industry.