BSc Computer Science (BSc CS) is a 3 year undergraduate course that equips students with the knowledge of software administration, computer application and software development. The graduates can efficiently carry out programming, networking and database structuring.

The graduates not only work on system integration and software development, but they can also program and, innovate, and create mobile and computer applications. With a thorough knowledge of communication technology and coding languages, they can even write complex problems. This graduate program focuses on providing strong conceptual and theoretical knowledge to the students. Along with designing and creating an application, BSc CS graduate integrates the software and hardware of a product. They mainly focus on developing software around the theoretical concepts.


What do BSc CS graduates do?


They are well equipped with knowledge of data structure, system programming, introduction to the web technology and design, data analysis, etc.

  • The graduates are in high demand in companies dealing with hardware and software, data storage, weed developers, etc.
  • They help and work with making software run efficiently and create a flawless overall process.
  • Their role coincides with that of security engineers, protecting and preventing system hacking, hijacking. Hence have a scope in government as well as private companies.
  • They can greatly contribute to the research and development of operations and software.
  • Developing mobile applications is another area of their expertise.

One is eligible for the course with a PCM background and securing minimum of a 50% in the 12th examination. Apart from these, certain colleges have their own set of examination and interview processes.