Master’s of Hotel Management (MHM) is a 2 years specialisation course that emphasises and enhances the foundational hotel and hospitality management skills. With a rise in the demand for tourism and hospitality, the industry is faced with a requirement for skilled and efficient work and ethical practices. This course envisions fulfilment of these requirements and equipping a graduate with polished and sophisticated skills.

Eligibility criteria for MHM require an individual to have secured a minimum of 50% in the bachelors or an equivalent course. Some colleges have merit-based admissions while some prefer an entrance test. The priorities vary from college to college. Some of the common tests for MHM are MAH CET and CUCET.

The curriculum of the course covers service-based skills as well as evaluation and management at a higher authority. Communication and soft skill management are a few of the core-focused aspects.

roles and responsibilities of MHM graduate

  • They are required to manage and maintain exceptional hospitality
  • Manage food and beverage department. This includes maintaining the health and hygiene standards
  • Professionals with knowledge of tourism and travel are preferred.
  • It is important to excel at communication and possess marketing skills.
  • Knowledge of both, front desk and backend management is important. This includes staff and food management, as well as accounting and marketing.

On completion of MHM, the graduates have the option to work with industries like Tourism, Aviation industry, Resort and Hotel Management, Food and nutrition research and many such interesting fields.