Masters Degree in Design. 


Design is the art of making an old material of cloth or anything, into something trendy and realistic and new-fashioned. In today’s life, designers are needed in all manners, whether be it designing a home or in terms of fashion or style. When it comes to uplifting and beautifying a space, a thought has to be put on the colours, lighting, materials, sustainability and durability of the design.

The term and meaning of design have a close relation to art, engineering, and production where certain fields have certain needs, and their characteristics change, as and when changes are required in changing the design of the object that you are doing pr performing on. This 2-year course will give you a real idea and make your expertise in designing in all ways. The real value of the hard work you put in designing, and the result that you get or that comes that wonderful, is what you will learn in a practical and theoretical way.

Before you choose design whether be under graduation or Post-graduation, you have the chance to choose your interest of specialization of Design you would like to grow. With a study on topics like visual arts, environmental design, construction techniques, etc, one is equipped to face the challenges with creative solutions.


Eligibility Criteria for this course

A student should have a bachelors degree in Design in any specialisation with at least 50% marks from a recognized college or university.

In certain cases, the student has to take Common Entrance Exam for Design with a percentage equivalent to 75 or above.

Few Colleges will accept GATE results too.


Colleges offering this course

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Indian Institute of Science
  • Jain University
  • Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Few of the Job Opportunities

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • Fabric Export Houses
  • Textile Laboratory

Entrance Exam Options for this course

  • Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED)
  • The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Institute of Design Test
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design Entrance Exam

On completing this course one specialises in lighting design, colour schemes and various categories of aesthetics. Designing professionals have a scope in corporate, industrial, commercial and residential designs. Hence, the future is bright and promising.