Chemical engineering is a branch of science that engineers a raw material into a product. This field of engineering is versatile and diverse because almost every product that is in use is a composition of materials with different property.

The knowledge acquired by the chemical engineers are applicable in various fields; right from the materials used in clothing to the preservatives used in food. Chemical engineers are required to research and work on various methods and processes to achieve the desired product with desirable properties. Chemical engineering is the science of the process. A product, while manufacturing goes through various phases of the process. And these processes are administered and devised by chemical engineers.

From developing sustainable alternative for plastic to enhancing the quality of fertilizers, the industries rely on chemical engineers to provide a feasible solution. And Most of the work chemical engineer’s work happens in laboratories and research centres.


Roles of chemical engineers include –

  • Research and modification to the exiting processes are conducted.
  • Formulating safety methods to combat and avoid hazardous mishaps.
  • Creating a process layout
  • Conduct experiments and supervise the process developments.
  • Devising a sustainable and cost-efficient solution to carry out the process.


Chemical engineers can secure jobs in industries like pharmaceuticals, coal and petroleum industries, fertilisers and agriculture, Research and development team, food industries. Thus, the scope for chemical engineers is bright.