This field of science is an interesting combination of biological and industrial processes.

As the name suggests, Biotechnology is a technology that depends upon biology. Unlike other engineering courses, a background in biology in 10+2 is important here.


Where is biotechnology used?

Biotechnology is a diverse field in the knowledge acquired can be implied in multiple ways to improve the global health standards and combating diseases.

Work of a biotechnologist includes –

  • Improving the global health index, by finding a cure and eliminating deadly life-threatening diseases.
  • Processing and developing ways to reduce the harmful impact of the manufacturing industry on the environment.
  • Healthcare is of utmost importance in present times, and it has become necessary to develop and upgrade current methods. Thus, biotechnologists work on developing tools and machinery used in the medical industries.
  • Optimising and finding an alternative to harmful chemical and industrial processes that damage the environmental conditions. E.g. – fuel and chemical industries
  • Finding efficient and sustainable ways to reuse and reduce industrial and water waste.


The roles and responsibilities of a biotechnologist are difficult to define in a single go. However, it can be said that biotechnology plays a vital role in innovating and creating solutions to the current world problems, be it health or the environment.