Fashion Design Courses

Every person perceives fashion subjectively, and you love to walk and move in style with fashion. Every season and occasion requires a dedicated style and outfit. Style of clothing changes seasonally, geographically and is occasion-based, and like other art forms, one always tends to experiment and work on the lines of the trending styles. people want to make new ideas in fashion, which can either become famous and some may not be trendy. Your creativity should match the cloth, their design, colour and the fashion that you are putting up with the clothing. Material, design, texture, everything should be kind of perfect, if you want your fashion and trend to be known well by the public, and your creativity counts in this matter. Course on fashion designing makes you perfect not only on clothing but also on the fashion accessories that you wear.

Now let’s look on to the undergraduate and postgraduate courses on fashion design and others related to designing and arts, colleges offering and other details benefiting students like you.


Masters in Fashion and Design

This course is just a detailed version of what you did in your bachelor’s. As you know, you can find fashion designers in every nook and corner of your city and country. Fashion is there not only about clothing but also about accessorising and repurposing the outfit. The students will also get an insight into the new materials based on local and global fashion.

Through internships and competitions, students get positively impacted and exposed to the working culture of the industry. This means the student gets to network positively and get to work on the live projects and shows. This improves their constructive skills and knowledge about outfit sustainability and presentation. Internships and workshops are conducted for students during this 2-year program to get a deep knowledge of the industry that they will be working in, this strengthens the practical aspect of the course. This course has the option to do for one year full-time and two years part-time, depending on your interest. Students have the option to go for further higher studies in any relevant field that they like to learn more about. With more knowledge and experience, one can work as a costume designer for TV shows and films.


Eligibility Criteria 

Students should have passed with a good percentage from recognized universities or colleges.

Marks in 12th with good percentage are also a good advantage apart from graduation.

Good skills in drawing, sketching and good knowledge of the colour sense and latest fashion ideas of clothing and accessories.


Entrance Exam

National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Exam (NIFT Exam)

Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED)

The Pearl Academy of Fashion Exam (PAF)


Top Colleges Offering the Course

Indian Institute of Fashion Technology

Pearl Academy

Bangalore University

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)


Most Common Job Opportunities

Fashion Consultant

Design Production Manager

Fashion Co-ordinator

Garment and Textile Export Houses

Visual Merchandiser

Retail Manager

Fashion Journalists

Textile Designer

Set up own boutique.

On completing this course, one gets in-depth knowledge of the various processes involved. An individual gets familiar with not only modern trends but also the traditional ways of clothing. The best thing about being a designer is to play and experiment with styles, and this course enables one to do that.