Bachelors of Arts in Economics  (BA Economics)


This is a program of 3 years that gives you the in-depth knowledge and skills required in understanding the economy. By acquiring this Bachelor’s degree, you will be acquainted with learning to think about the current affairs, such as matters related to public importance, inflation, unemployment in the society, taxation policy, economic crisis, environmental economy, and so on, and happenings about both politically and economically.

Students are trained to think in a logical way about making a clear choice on multiple options in their careers. A Bachelors’s degree will also give you an insight into the works and studies about Post Graduation so that students will get an idea of what to study further in higher education. They can plan on becoming journalists, English professors, or Human Resource Management, Banking, Lawyers, to name just a few. After completion, it is up to you to decide whether to work or to go for post-graduation or higher studies abroad or within India.


Why acquire Undergraduate in Arts in Economics?

This bachelor’s degree of Arts specialization in economics is applicable and important for those who wish to get more knowledge in economics and businesses. The demand for this degree is more in and around the country. Economics theories and knowledge are applicable for all scales of businesses, be it industrial or homemade business. On completion of an undergraduate level of economics, the opportunities are open for you anywhere you go, be private or public sector industry. You have large and wide options to choose from.


Job Opportunities after completion of Bachelors:

  • Banking Jobs
  • Economists
  • Human Resource
  • Operations Executive/ Manager
  • Businessman
  • Economists writers or journalists
  • Various Government jobs
  • Civil Service jobs


Exams to enter into the job- SBI PO, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Saff Selection Commission (SSC), etc.


Colleges/ Universities offering BA Economics

  • Christ University
  • Mount Carmel College
  • M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences