Master of Tourism and Travel is a 2 years masters program. To apply for MTTM, one must have a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management or Bachelor’s in Tourism and Travel or B.Sc in Hospitality and hotel management. The colleges determine the eligibility of a candidate based on the performance of the student in the qualifying exam.


Why is the MTTM course important?

  • If one intends to work for the travel industry, one must develop communication and marketing skills along with personality and ethical skills.
  • The demands and trends of the tourism and hospitality industry are ever-changing, thus one needs to equipped to keep up with the trends and preferences.
  • If a candidate desires to work on research in this industry, MTTM paves the path
  • MTTM curriculum strengthens the foundational aspects of the industry, like travel management, sustainable tourism and E-tourism.
  • This course helps to attain jobs in public relations, hospitality industry, and tourism industry
  • Graduates also get a chance to work for the government to encourage national and regional tourism of a state/country
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. Travelling in a country like India requires a good knowledge of diverse languages to interact with the locals and regional agencies better.
  • With the opportunity of study tours and internships, one can choose to explore the field of interest before entering the industry.


This course focuses not only on academics but also on the personality development, marketing and management skills of the student. Since the industry is developing, it is easy to pursue an MTTM course in Bangalore. Colleges that provide MTTM courses in Bangalore are-

  1. SJES College of Management studies
  2. Oxford College of Hotel Management
  3. Karnataka College of Management and Science
  4. Bangaluru City Management college