Aerospace engineering is an engineering branch that focuses on developing, designing, and maintaining aircraft, aeroplanes, missiles and even the defence system. This is a broad-spectrum course with various applications in the practical field. Aerospace engineers possess knowledge of mechanical engineering, software programming, networking, material specification and also robotics. Hence, aerospace engineering is a diverse field with multiple application and practical aspects. It can be said aerospace engineering is one of the toughest and yet fruitful engineering streams.



What are the roles of an aerospace engineer?


With acquiring numerous theoretical, practical and research skills, aerospace engineers can serve and work for various purposes. Having said these, an aeronautical engineer does contribute in the following ways –

  • Aerospace engineers are responsible for manufacturing, assembling, testing and approving an aircraft.
  • They are required to constantly study and improve the existing process and technologies. Researching, inventing and modifying is their forte.
  • Supervision and maintenance of the aircraft cannot be carried out without aerospace engineers.
  • Aerospace engineers evaluate from scratch to end. They are also responsible for checking and implying safety norms.
  • Manufacture and development fields are always faced with critical challenges, and aerospace engineers are the ones to come up with a viable and efficient solution.


Therefore, Aerospace engineering has a great scope in the advancing world. Not every regular college provides an aerospace course. However, colleges in Bangalore that offer Aerospace engineering are-

  1. BMS College of engineering
  2. RV College of engineering
  3. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  4. Dayanand Sagar University
  5. Alliance University
  6. SJC Institute of technology, Chikkaballapur