If you are a person who wants to learn and become proficient in English, then your best choice is to join this course and achieve your goals. The main focus of studying ‘Bachelor in English literature is the analysis of English literature, critical thinking, better communication, both orally and verbally, the better composition of words, communication studies, and so on. Here you can also learn the different accents and literary styles used in English, the styles of English used in poems, comics, novels, and many other that you would like to learn about putting English, in various forms. Pursing and completing this bachelor’s degree, are helpful for those who want to achieve their passion in fields like media, advertising, press, writing, teaching, and publishing. They make you proficient in any field where communication skills are given more importance. The duration of the course is 3 years.


Why is English Literature important?

Whether being in professional life or social life, English is important is vastly accepted mode of communication. The only difference in terms of distance study is the theories and usage of English grammar and variations. Writing in English and speaking English are way different from each other. So, one pursuing this course will know the appropriate use of English and how to put them in the desired way. In this era, what most companies look at is the way you communicate and how well you can speak English, and also the manner of English you speak and write. Apart from this, studying English literature is important for interpreting and practising in the field of writing and interpretation of language. It is important to know English if you are interested in becoming a professional writer or becoming proficient in spoken English literature and so on. This 3-year duration of bachelors degree will help you in many ways to become an expert when you enter for a job or going for your Master degree.


Colleges offering Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Christ University
  • Jain University
  • St. Joseph College (Autonomous)
  • Mount Carmel College

Major Job Opportunities

  • Become Professional writers
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Opportunity in an Event Management Company
  • Translator